Monday Nite Football

Keep your eye out for a few things 

1) Wes- he is always on the ball handing out little tickets to win a prize during the night he is the Man of the night come in and show your faces you will be sure to get a ticket, also every time you buy MGD products you will get another ticket......  Win things such as T Shirts, hats, footballs and 2 free NFL Jerseys per night.

2) Referees- there are little hot ladies running around making sure everyone plays by the rules .... Watch out they might throw you a flag!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Staff-- They are always trying to feed u nachos, they're delicious and cheesy, even have a little kick with the zesty cheese sauce, they will sell you your Yard Beer and wings with many different flavors to try


Important Facts

- Every Monday Nite Be at the Nor Villa Hotel at 7:30 Kick off

- Must be in a good mood and hungry to enjoy the food and fun party times

- Must be in the bar when chair, Trip, Fridge and other prizes to be won

- Live Show for everyone to see

- Wes the Hit Man is our Man and will make everyone have a good time and enjoy themselves

- Free Popcorn to munch on while you wait for the next touch down or the exotic dancer.